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I'd say, get back to basics.

64% silica is low and it would benefit from better durability even though one can make the argument that Phosphorus is a network former.

If you can work at getting rid of calcium, and boosting other stabilizers at that moment, then look to Strontium and zinc.

I continue to not like borax. If I was trying to lower melt conditions, I would head for nitrates. Lithium is really expensive. Sodium is certainly cheaper than other alkalines such as potash but I love the luster from potassium as well as its ability to promote nice color. The down side is it makes a fatter glass. Potassium nitrate is a great balance.

If this was easy ( it's not) when you get what you want, no one will be able to copy you. That's been an advantage for me now for over thirty years. I'm not a very good glassblower.
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