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Originally Posted by Josh Bernbaum View Post
In fact I just checked on your spreadsheet and the silicon % of my mix is 64.94%. I don't know what I did wrong with my division and what I thought was more like a 55.4% sand content. Maybe I'm just calculating weight percentage and not thinking hard enough about oxide percentages which the spreadsheet seems to be accounting for?
you have to look at the oxides supplied, not the compounds used. Sodium carb, NaCO3 supplies NaO. Now do the atomic weights for the carbon and oxygen lost. . It's seriously different. SP I think supplies around 81 lbs of actual oxides per 100 lbs batch.
Go back to GlassnotesIV. Henry has a list of materials to oxides supplied. My spreadsheet does it as well but you took a bad side road here.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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