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Bryan Harnois
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design questions...Jon,Steve,Pete

I've been looking at these pictures again recently and a few questions also came to mind of the makers of this design..Jon, Steve and now Pete

From the posted pics and text from Pete we have the following dimensions -
the thicker connecting shank is 15" long, 2" at top of the brick for connections, 9" in the brick, leaving 4" protruding from the brick on the furnace side, the last 1/2" of whick needs to be inside the furnace

So. how thick are we casting these crowns, of what castable, and are the holes in the crown and the soft bricks tapered or not? Are these flat crowns or slightly domed?

The dimensions posted above would indicate that at least 3" of the shank portion of the element are sitting in a small ' well ' in the this the most healthy configuration for the shank area...would it be better if just the required last 1/2" of the shank was exposed to the heat of the chamber?

Further, if Pete looks at this, what castable did you finally decide on for the floor and main heating chamber of the new furnace, and did you go with the front of the heating chamber and gathering port being detachable from the rest for cleanout and pot changes as you have described for your gas furnaces?

Lots of questions, but I'm hoping to start my 150# furnace once the frigid weather warms up here on the edge of the North Atlantic


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