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Kevin Bethea
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I've heard Ralph is still around and I asked my teacher and he said every now and then he pokes in the studio early in the morning. I have only been here a couple months so I guess I just haven't seen him yet. I know Ralph knows more than 2 colors but that was just what one of the advanced students told me. I thought it was kind of funny. I think it is just a lack of interest that caused us to be where we are right now. I heard he was a great guy but the way people talk about him it's like he died a long time ago with as many times as I hear "when Ralph was still here." If you want people to listen you just have to start the sentence with, "what Ralph told me to do was..." and people stop to listen. I know we had to have had somebody here melting colors because there are pieces all over the building with interesting colors. Ralph's notes are probably there somewhere too but I am willing to experiment on my own until I track him down. I am still finding new rooms in the building but I'll track down as much info as possible and experiment.
I understand the casing part now so I'll remember not to blow out the color on that one. I'll have to ask about the tin oxide we have. It may very well be white and that would explain the problem with his red. I know he added cream of tartar. I don't know what it does but he said it was necessary so he went grocery shopping before he tried it. I know white isn't possible now but one day I'll have a whole new ball game with batch and dangerous chemicals like Dave and I'll be up many a night just babysitting a melt while killing all vegetation in my neighborhood. Ok, so you guys might not have all the answers but I bet creative suggestions will be just as fun to try. We are on spring break right now but I will get Ralph's number from my teacher when he gets back. I have been looking forward to meeting him and he sounds like a helpful guy. I just have to hope he'll have time to talk. If not I'll just go ahead and try stuff and see what happens. I am a pretty good listener and I am interested in learning so we'll see how far that gets me. Getting things to fit is a whole different problem so I will just do testing. That's a whole class worth of info. we may have used different glass back then too. They switched from spectrum to 4c this semester but I don't know what they had before that. I just thought about that. hmmm...I'll find out. I ordered moden glass practice this morning so I will have some more reading to do. so far I know enough to possibly fix the red problem and I'll have room for one more pot so maybe I'll get the guy to try it again with my notes that I have so far and we'll try something new in the other pot. he's about to graduate so very soon I will be able to melt anything that I want to for a while I guess but I can use the help while he's here. I'll collect more supplies and read some more but when I get something you guys will know about it. I am interested in what you can get out of the guys in Cincinnati too Warren so if you have time I would appreciate that info too. I'll be here for a while so if they or anyone else ever happens to go past Americus Georgia they should stop by but it's not on the way to or near anything really. I think we're 3 hours south of Atlanta. We have 3 visiting artists that were past students coming in this semester and I hope to assist them as much as they let me so I can learn some stuff. I heard we might have to shut down for the summer if the class isn't large enough so I am kind of bummed so I don't know what I'll do if I can't get in there to blow glass. There are a few places in atlanta but that would get expensive so I will just hope for the best I guess.
Thanks again everybody,
kevin bethea
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