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Kevin Bethea
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I'd be really happy if I got into this enough to have questions that you guys couldn't answer but I think we are safe on that one for a while. I know I could really mess something up but the answer to that question is to try it again and see what happens and keep notes. I'll understand it more as I get into it. I thought I understood about adding the oxygen but it's more important here to remove it for some colors. It makes a lot more sense now. Now I know what the cream of tartar does. I'll have to ask how much he added. How much sugar would I stick in with the 7 pound melt to replace the 20 grams of black tin? I saw a box with SnOx tin oxide on it but I think it might be white and not black but I will ask. Is it a one time thing or do you have to keep adding sugar periodically as it melts? remelting the cullet sounds like a good way to remove the oxygen too but adding sugar is a lot less work. Thanks for the reference for the percentages. I'll figure it up and make sure I bump the number up a little bit for the periwinkle. my book should be here in a week or so so thanks for that link too. I guess that would also work for the opal swirl too but I need get the silver nitrate first. Pete said to reduce it heavily but does that mean reduce it while it is melting or in the glory hole to get the swirls?
thanks for the explaining all that,
Kevin Bethea
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