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Kevin Bethea
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Pete and I were typing at the same time and he beat me to the post button. I bet the extra oxygen would mess up the opal swirl so I should just wait until I get the cuprous oxide for that one too. I don't think starting with red is the best idea either, I was just thinking we have a pot for red already and I might can get the guy to try it again with sugar if we don't have black tin and kind of learn from that. I'll try the purpley browns, blues, and greens and then maybe I will have some success with the periwinkle and opal swirl whan I know more about what I am doing. I was blowing when I heard the guy remember out loud that he almost forgot the cream of tartar. I thought he was kidding but he left to go to the store. I had to go to class so I missed him when he got back. I missed it when he added it to know how much he used. I heard him shaking the bucket when I was working so I missed it when he mixed the other stuff to add to the cullet to know what he tried. I'll see him soon and I'll ask him as much as I can to see what there is to gain before he leaves. I am soaking it all in and we'll see what happens. thanks for the nudge in the best way to gratification. I know what you mean.
Kevin Bethea
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