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Kevin Bethea
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Thanks for the reference in Weyl. I was in the shop for about 13 hours yesterday so I was too tired last night. I am sometimes bad about trying stuff that really isn't worth it. Yesterday I tried to switch an axis and then pick up a cup from the hot box all by myself. I know, bad plan. It took me over 2 hours and I got overheated and it hit the floor. I saved it but somewhere between almost passing out and the huge panic attack that came next it really didn't turn out like I wanted it to. It was looking good for a little while but I boxed it so now at least I'll have a visual aid for when I tell the story to my friends. I found the color book but it is only about 3 pages and pretty much just basic instructions. Lots of wisdom in there though. Very big on the first page it says to use fritted cullet only. I saw the guy that melts the black yesterday and he said he uses the stuff in the bottom of the strip off bucket eventhough it gets color in there sometimes. The black felt different and then I figured out he mixed it in the red pot so I bet that had some effect. I think I'll sponge up more info, get the right stuff if possible, and then figure out how to get pots from Pete. I haven't called Seattle Pottery yet because I want to ship it to the school and I haven't seen my teacher yet to make sure it's ok. I don't know what kind of address to give them so after spring break I'll order stuff and then start out the best way possible. Thanks for offering to go in on a bunch with me Dave but we'll see if they have it first. I know if I tried the red that it wouldn't work out with the best of conditions so why start with so many strikes. It will be a long time before I get something pretty but I will be learning the whole time so it's worth the trip down the road to happiness. I hope Pete's good at giving condolences. That's amazing that that little bit of sugar can do a big job. I was thinking lots of sugar. Thanks for all of the advice and information. The guy that melts the black was there under Ralph but he said it's more worth his time to buy color but he agreed to try some stuff with me that he hasn't done in a long time. I started to repeat stuff I learned here and I gave credit to you guys of course but I sounded like I knew what I was talking about so he got really interested. Especially when I told him I had my book coming because he couldn't find it for less than $200 or something like that when he wanted it. I'll add the new stuff to my notes. I think I am going to go light the glory holes, read the pages you suggested, and drink coffee at the bench. I agreed to do some maintenance on the color furnace lid today too so I'll be there all day. Yesterday I felt something totally new with the jacks. I guess I am just now really getting the feel for the glass. Its about time I guess but it was a really good tingly sort of feeling. Anybody remember getting that for the first time? I am really interested in Henry's purple foam lava glass so if anybody can elaborate on that one I'd appreciate it. I don't think that's in Glass Notes but I just found the colorants for cullet section and I want to go back and reread the stuff on silver nitrate that I know is in there somewhere. I haven't pulled it out in a while. I like leaving it face down because there's a picture of Henry on the back that reminds me to do something productive but maybe that's just me. Scott, if you make the road trip, I'll get us in the studio. It's a long drive but it's pretty coming up from your direction. I took my mom down to Havannah to go antique shopping and there are lots of old tobacco barns and scenic things along the way. I still feel bad for not making it over to pensacola but you can crash here if you are ever interested in visiting for sure. you'd get to see our annealers made out of 55 gallon drums. I had never seen this design before but they work. My teacher switches the hinges everynow and then when all of the right hand gloves are worn out he'll switch it until the left ones are worn out too. Whatever works I guess. Thanks for the help guys.
Kevin Bethea
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