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How to proceed

So, our State legislature gave Eversource" some new power when it also allowed customers to buy electricity from whoever they wanted. My studio is on a separate meter from the house and has a different rate structure. My house panel is maxed out so I can't run anything out to the barn.

What I get now is usurous. Last month I used 1100KW total power and had a power charge of about 115.00 dollars. However the power company charged me for "delivery" at over $300 dollars.
My plumber has the same usage and his electric bill was about $115.00- period but he got curious and called the power co and here is what he was told.

In my studio, given the rate and classification, the moment of my highest usage will define my rate for the billable period so, if I turn on Mary Beth's kiln, even for ten minutes, all the remaining usage will be billed at the rate for that highest draw. If this occurs when I may have the annealer running at all, it gets really remarkable.

So, I'm considering removing or disabling the electric hot water heater and trying to figure out how to run the kiln effectively. I'll install a demand hot water heater. In the period I just cited, she ran it once that month. I'm back to those thoughts of using as little electricity as possible and boosting the temperatures with a venturi.

Gary said I get a new rate usage every month based on the peak usage and the bill will show the date the meter reading occurs. I may actually move the studio fridge back to the basement in the house, a real nuisance. I'll stop leaving the compressor to run and maintain pressure but just turn it on when I need compressed air.

All for the investors of course.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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