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It's part of government supporting corporations in ways that aren't immediately obvious.

We have small wood burning facilities here, all over New Hampshire that process the slash from logging. Logging is the real deal here. We process pine boards for building and this is the great North woods. Our power company by government decree was given deals to allow ostensible "choice' on where one bought power. That sham was dealtmwith by allowing the power company to charge for unused power and potential needs for businesses althought eh pwoer company never generates that power, it's still allowed to charge for it. SO, in my case, if MB runs her kiln, we get charged at that peak rate for the entire month. SO, A 141 dollar usage gets an attachment of 330 plus dollars for delivery.
Then to increase the insult, our republican governor vetoed the bill allowing small pwer companies to process the slash and to sell the power back on the grid. Those plants will be closed.

That's your government, right now at work.
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