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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
Well, unless you use enough power, the alternatives don't want to deal with you. They won't take residential accounts period. Once you are commercial, the delivery company gouges you at much higher delivery rates.
I have a 30KW Onan propane generator and will investigate using it in the Spring by putting all the heavy draw tools on it. In the house, I've gotten a propane hot water heater and abandoned the electric one. The compressor no longer just cycles to maintain pressure. It's off unless I turn it on. Lights? They're out. LED's are replacing all the halogens and I don't like that for color but they're affordable. The hot water heater in the shop will be replaced with a demand heater on propane.
I do have excellent propane rates for here at least.
Keep looking at the latest LED options. Every time I look I see that the options for color have been expanded. That technology is really still in its infancy and its growing every day almost. I just got some great floods in Daylight sun color for under my working hood that are excellent for seeing colors as I work. Thats critical for me since I am mixing metals on the fly and tweaking the mix to try to achieve a given color, value, or density.
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