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you're fast. I was simply editing my last post and here you are again. Do read my editing.

What Blenko could pull off which I'm sorry to say I don't have the skills for was taking a color in question- every morning and casing it in the clear or whatever of the day. They would blow that out ( a live test) really thin. Scott could take the thin things and shear out a ring of it hot. As soon as it cooled, it could be scored. We did it that way down at Josh Simpsons when I was working out the formulas for the Corona series. Make an ultra thin goblet cup, cool it a bit, scoreit and pop it open.

I like having the ring so I stick to what I normally do. It's reasonably constant. That ring goes in a bag, stapled to the other results and tied to the formula. I have something to refer to. In my first class they nailed the bags to the sheetrock wall in the hall. We had about fifty of them. It wrecked the wall but everyone could see what was happening. Teaching is quite an experience. I'd be into substance abuse in no time. when you get someone who's serious, it's important.
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