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It's a solid indicator of mismatch to have it happen. I've tried on occasion and gotten similar rings from a cup where the initial sawing failed. They are often pieces where the vertical score just makes the ring break up. Either way, you're close but no cigar. The fact that reversing the casing sequence causes an immediate failure supports mismatch as well. If you pull a simple cane of the two glasses, what does that show you? Do that both annealed and not annealed.

I remember when Ed Skeels had a set of samples that pulled straight and then he annealed them and they bent over badly. We never pursued that but it remains in the back of my mind and particularly so with phosphate opals. The thing with any opals is the creation of, and subsequent collapse of material. It's worth noting in any of Peiser's phosphates, they are never cased in any other glass type. It's monolithic.
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