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Steve Beckwith
"I ran a Denver furnace and on at least two occasions I had an MDR fail in the on position. It would be discovered when I made contact with the metal frame with the pipe while gathering. Not a full voltage dose but enough to give a nice tickle. I was running them at the upper range of their amp rating. If I recall, I had problems with a 40 amp relay. I switched to a 60 amp and had no further problems."
Steve i can recall noticing that the red light that indicated the elements were on started to come on while the door was open. The furnace had been running normally as far as heating but I figured that the side of the relay that runs the clock and the warning light had failed in the on or closed position. I remember thinkng that when the furnace was in that condition you might get shocked by 120 ac even though I never did. Maybe I should get a higher rated MDR. The salesman for Watlow thought SSR s are appropriate for heating applications. Thanks for your input.
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