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Re-reading your original post, 6ft is a rather long run for what is a very low voltage sensor signal.

As you've stated:
- wired up with 6ft extension wire, furnace won't go to temp.
- wired up without 6ft extension wire, furnace will go to temp.

So Pete's correct, it would seem the extension wire is the issue.

However, the wire may be fine, just 'too long'. Why not try 3ft of extension wire?

It could be the el-cheapo controller simply isn't sensitive enough to read the TC with the 6ft signal drop. It could also be the extension wire is either faulty or incorrect type. (you said they sold you K compatible wire, but maybe they made a mistake?).

Solid wire is also very prone to the kind of miserable breakage where the wire breaks but the insulation keeps the two ends in "kind of" contact. It may read OK with a DVM, but the signal gets so degraded through the break that it doesn't work in the application.

I have all my thermocouples on 4-5ft wires (similar solid TC wire) going into Fuji controllers and haven't had any real problems.
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