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I think I've got it figured out.

Ok - First off thank you everyone who has taken the time to address this question. I've spent the last two days running a variety of kiln cycles and configurations.

It seems that my problem was based upon the false assumption that the infrared thermometer would read the interior kiln temp in the same manner as the thermocouple. My tests seem to have confirmed that the non-contact infrared thermometer reads the temperature of the kiln brick while the thermocouple reads the temp of the kiln contents. There appears to generally be about 100 to 200 degrees F difference in these readings at the temperatures I'm running. Scanning my vacuum plate in the kiln it will read the desired temp while aiming at the adjacent kiln brick will read lower.

My test without the extension wire also happened to be the first time I read the temp of the kiln contents and the not the kiln walls/floor. I'm guilty of not recognizing the difference / significance on the first occasion.

So in essence, everything is actually working properly but I did not recognize that fact.

Again thank you.
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