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Originally Posted by Trevor Pierce View Post
I dont need to know jack..... the people I would interview/consult need to haha. But your right I have no time for that.
You certainly do need to know your stuff if you think you'll make it to the point of a peer review. The only serious error I recall from the book was in the third edition which conflated linear expansion factors from two dissimilar sources. As soon as the error was seen, it was removed from the final edition. I do not know of any other errors in the publications.

The real difficulty in my mind with doing an updated edition is that the ground under our feet has shifted so much. Since I wrote those notes on batch I no longer have any confidence in any supply chains at all. The middle men I used to deal with are gone. China will now sell you a container or five lbs of anything but you have to get it int the country legally. Lead is a mainstay in color and Lead is essentially gone. Chrome is essentially gone in a number of States. Just getting nitrates for fining out a basic clear is something I go through hoops over.
Further, the teaching has fundamentally shifted. We used to have these renaissance men running programs and they encouraged students to truly dig in to the material. That's gone and now schools have sculpture specialists who know jack shit about the furnaces. They leave that to underpaid techies who are not supposed to let the students turn the dials. The sections on building a furnace in Glassnotes are a vestigial organ. Most shops rely on buying really expensive tooling from a small cadre of specialists right down to the pipe coolers. Look out if you have to repair one of those furnaces if you don't know how it's built or what the materials are that went into it. How the **** did we ever come to accept that taking your pot out through the crown was a good design?

Casting is probably the one area which could be expanded on That, and fusing. Otherwise the quasi intellectual arguments seem to circle around which cullet is better and the decision is usually determined by price not quality at all.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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