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Henry would certainly appreciate the money I imagine but the moment the thing is reprinted, the price drops. The real problem in my mind is that updating the book is hard to do. A lot has changed in supplies specifically and those changes make much of the existing 4th ed obsolete in a way. My section would certainly fall into that type category.

I do think that Henry could sell it as an e book, making the PDF's available after you had paid a fee The pdf's could be available for a few days allowing the buyer to copy them at home. I have bought books using that technology.

But, to print the thing would not be profitable unless a lot of copies were printed and sales on that have progressively slowed down. There's a point where I think Henry would prefer simply playing golf. The market (again) will determine the sale price on the out of print books. People are not likely in my mind going to buy a $2,700.00 dollar copy and more than they would have bought Volf for 2K

I think Henry could turn over the reprint rights to Joe Pfeifer at Igneous to reprint it. Joe did a fine job with Volf and Helmer certainly.
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