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Yes, thanks Pete for letting him know that, he did call me after you two had spoke. Didn't grab the K hydroxide. Actually never heard of that form of potassium but did see it on Dudley's list and I shied away from that and any other potassium-containing things because I figured how long they've been sitting around and that they tend to absorb moisture and get clumpy. He did give me about 40 lbs. of Pb monosilicate he had left in a bucket. And about 10 lbs. of gold sands he'd made years ago by partially dissolving a South African Krugerand which I got to see the remains of. And then he charged me a reasonable price for that Nd and some Erbium and some Nickel.

I did just read in Volf one sentence in which he indicated that the Lanthanides (sp?) didn't mess with expansion much, but do lower viscosity, and that they might be similar in expansion to Zinc or Tin? I've heard of 2% on the Neo before, but wanted to push it up a bit to see if I could get a richer effect, even though I realize it's not a powerful colorant. And I got a good deal on the stuff so I figured why not, but it would indeed be a bit wasteful if it didn't fit my clear..
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