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"treated correctly in the shop" is pretty vague especially considering differing levels of experience on the board.

You sound like you're fishing.

People who make color are judged an inch at a time. Levels of trapped gas go up as you go down in the pot for a variety of reasons mostly from gathering. In our act, we did not use the glass on the very top, particularly in leaded rod and then could successfully make rod until the pot was about 1/3rd full. We took fully blown out first gather proofs of color as we made rod every fifth rod. If it began to decline in quality we converted to frit. The rest was ladled and crushed to make frit.
Most color rods are fairly opaque when trying to see thru them and I don't think that ultrasound is really effective.

If I wanted absolutely bubble free color, I would learn to make my own. Perfect rod isn't going to happen and I really don't understand why people think it would happen.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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