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Originally Posted by Rosanna Gusler View Post
Ok. Fine. Heh. That is a good varnish choice. I do 3 coats West epoxy with 207 hardener followed by 4 coats of awl spar followed by 3 coats of aw l bright on new wood.
I Put some thought into that process with West System.. I love West for all sort of things, but I can not trust it to yellow after 8 or so years even under a protective layer of varnish and if I then have to remove it to start over, the sanding involved would be TORTURE... so I will stick to the old fashioned way. I get why people do the epoxy trick- it saves time and money when you are paying someone to do it. This should cost me about $100 in materials and my time which has proven so many times to be worthless LOL

Originally Posted by Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig View Post
Eben, Rosanna, I have a 38 dutch steel trawler, offshore license good for 100 meter ship, radar and radio license, and european canal license- Pete eludes to boats when he has sold enough pots, maybe we could start a sub web chat here, discussing getting seeds out of lacquers?
Applying all our Murphys Law in glass experience to boating?
I need to see some pictures!! Mine is a 1965 Columbia 31 sloop designed by Charlie Morgan.
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