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I remember when I was a kid and I was making adobe bricks for the first time. I made stationary forms that held four bricks each and I would lay them down and put the red dirt, sand and straw mix in and smooth them perfectly with a wet towel and then let them dry overnight before I pulled the forms and stood them on edge to dry. They were absolutely perfect. I could make about 60 a day that way working hard..

My friend JJ Gonzales came over and looked at it and went off and made a form out of crappy 1x4's and came back and just wet down the entire dirt pile for about an hour with a big pool of water in the center. He threw in the straw and a couple of guys he always broguht up from Chihuahua stomped around in it with their feet. Then they took the single form and proceeded to fill it, mush it down and smooth the top with an old rag. They then jerked the form then and there and moved on to the next one. They made about 750 adobes in a few hours. In seven days we had enough to build the house

At the end, JJ said, "PV, your adobes are made with too much love."
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