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If the element is actually broken into two pieces in an identifiable location that you can see, and if you at least have a bernzomatic torch common to glass benches these days, then you can at least just fix the element yourself. Gently pull the element out of it's groove and heat both broken ends of it with the handtorch which indeed will get hot enough to do this. When the metal is glowing, grab it with a pair of pliers and straighten a bit of the coil. Do that to both ends.

Once you have those bits of wire, maybe three inches long each, heat them again with the torch and simply twist them together with the needlenose while its glowing ( It has to be glowing) . Then, while glowing, push it back into place.

I have elements with multiple breaks- up to four an element that have been fixed this way by me. It's not hard. They have lasted decades at this point but are funny looking.

As to the controller, good luck. I've never even heard of a bartlett. Repairs of controllers are slow going if not impossible given our throw away society . At a certain point, your shop is simply going to have to come to grips with doing repairs in house. Spiral Arts and Seattle Pottery are telling you No for a reason .
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