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The liability game goes on forever. If something goes wrong in Jordan's scenario, Jordan can blame the installer for doing it wrong and the installer can blame Jordan for poor instruction. Then you need a video camera and a deposition from God Who knows verifying the material was not tampered with at another time. If the manufacturer in the second scenario can't actually see what the vendor is doing, it becomes "He said She said" if there is any real money in the pot.

UL is simply a methodology of giving lawyers someone to sue when things go south. Students have been processed into impotent idiots by fear of UL. Students actually learned under the renaisannce approach to operating a studio. No more.

When I ran the fire Dept in Santa Fe, at one point our insurance agent came in with an urgent matter. It seems we were well covered for the things we did at a scene but we were not covered for things we did not do. This could be covered by "errors and ommission insurance". I listened to the guy and told him to get out of my office. I cancelled all our insurance and called the State Risk Management division and asked how I could self insure. They set me up with a painful downpayment into an escrow account. We went on from there. On two occasions, we had litigation commence from an emergency scene. As soon as the attorneys for the litgant discovered we had no conventional insurance, they dropped the cases.
Given how poorly and inaccurately the manuals for this sort of stuff is written, It's the blind leading the blind.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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