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I still continue to wonder whether signing the bottoms of those pieces is sufficient enough to break the surface tension.

Zimmermann, as beautiful as it was, really had expansion issues far too frequently. Paul Marioni was in love with their Mother of Pearl colors which I think were phosphate opal rods, but nothing fit. That was pre SP87 days and the clear at the time at Pilchuck at least was either cullet from the bottle plant down in Seattle or it was light bulbs. Rob Adamson, Mark Graham and I used to drive down to the plant and they dumped our barrels full with a front end loader filled with still hot cullet from the plant. Then we would teeter off to Stanwood with no brakes. Later we came back and had soda ash pneumatically pumped from box cars into the same truck. The two were mixed. We used about 3,000 lbs a week. Awful stuff.

At one point I made a tank of a flawless clear using my own formulas as a 96. When Dale found out, he made me dump it on the ground being concerned I think that students might really like bubble free glass. I kind of lost interest in teaching there after that.

I too have noticed lots of cracked vintage glass.
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