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One of the reasons I'm actually glad to be in a private sector teaching institution is that I'm able to teach my way, instead of the nonsense academic rubric.

I'm actually really miffed at the quality of my undergrad photo education. They taught us all of the technical "magic" of the darkroom, but never how to properly light and shoot, because if you didn't take it in the moment it's not "Art". I just took a class on studio lighting, and it blew my mind that non of what I was learning was ever covered. Not even offered. Trying to figure out what I paid them for? Knowing what a daguerreotype is? It did introduce and convert me to glass, I guess I can't be that mad.

As we've discussed, there is a rift between the available education and the practical knowledge to run a proper studio. Or cook good glass. And people wonder why an BFA isn't worth the paper it's printed on. I'm actually please that my school is working on some professional development classes like, "how do you make a home studio", and "how do you sell your work". It's a shame, or sham, that nothing like that is offered at a university.
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