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The schools in the 70's absolutely did not want individuals in their own shops. Their programs were justified by how full they were. One of my real incidents with Dale was at Pilchuck when I did a slide show on how to build a tank furnace. The dining hall was packed. Dale stormed in and began saying how stupid it was to want your own shop and asked repeatedly who could possibly want that. Silence. Then he knocked over the dais and said "So this lecture is over" and stormed out. I was totally humiliated.

But the part that truly pissed me off was how many people came up to me and asked if they could see the slides in private. Real heros.

Schools were really only interested in how you developed your portfolio. These days? The creation of the shop tech makes it harder and harder to learn any nuts and bolts at all. Art was the central focus and there's nothing wrong with talking art. Knowing your craft helps too. Schools have never put business classes in the requirements for a degree. Too bad.
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