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That was a complete jerk move. Has a tendency to happen when someone thinks you're a challenge to their cash flow, or their ego.

One of my old studios was started because the "kilngons" wouldn't leave the program, most were too daft, drunk, or stoned to start anything on their own. That was a hell of entitlement and hillbilly rigging to get back on the tracks. Schools have gotten better about kicking the students out, not so much making them functional artists or fabricators.

There seems to be a perception in art school that if you teach someone to do something properly then you are doing them a disservice as an artist. There are exceptions. I did an anodizing intensive at Penland with Frankie Flood, when we talked about his programming one of his main goals was to make sure that if his students walked into a machine shop they'd be hired. They still get to make great art, they just have all the right training at their disposal. He's a hell of a great teacher.

Go ahead and break the rules, just make you know why you're doing it first.
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