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I will always recall when Frank Wooley, Sr melt engineer at Corning who really knew his stuff became absolutely animated in agreement when I suggested at the 2001 Corning conference how frequently compatibility was mistaken for bad annealing.

It's still true. Short cycles with work put in too cold and being taken out too hot. It breaks glass. Our cullet circumstances and the voodoo beleived about those cullets contributes greatly to the American problem.

It is however worth considering that the bulk of American studios don't have these issues or at least don't have them for long before taking corrective actions. Then, there are the ones who insist on making the same bad assumptions again and again and experiencing the same results again and again.

It continues to go back to that wonderful scientific explanation I heard at Pilchuck one day:

"You can put the purple over the yellow but not the yellow over the purple. "
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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