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Ok, so a true 96. Where the US when astray was trading convenience for constancy in some of its glass. Aside from misnomered System 96(94coe) the majority of the glass US blowers use hovers around a true 96 and poses little problems. When people start incorporating System 96, for one reason or another, people start having problems. It also doesn't help that the company has had a tendency to change the formula on a whim.

Honestly the System 96 nuggets are compatible enough that most people could work around issues. Because of free silica issues batch has not always been an option, so one had to decide between the cheap semi-compatible option, or the expensive compatible one. It WAS less costly, but with the move to Mexico that is no longer the case. Now it's really only a great option for people that want to do roll ups with system sheet, e.g. Charles W.

The majority of issues I have had go across the board for any base glass I can get my hands on. Specifically a kugler ox blood that will craze yet not break the surface, a kugler imperial red that would split everything cleanly down the middle, and a zim copper ruby that has a fairly even fragmentation.
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