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Doug Harroun
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Furnace build thread

So if it's all right with everyone I'm going to document my furnace build here. Feel free to comment, add notes, etc... this is a work in progress.

I'm building a freestanding pot furnace essentially as depicted in Glassnotes as the Penland Pot Furnace.

Years ago I obtained a Dyson pot 18" OD, I am going to keep it as my standby pot and order one to build around. Probably the 19" EC, unless otherwise guided.

Furnace dimensions, approx: 50" tall, 50" OD, 24" ID.

Wall will be 3" Kast-o-lite 30: 2.945 cu ft. Surround that with 10" of frax, and some sheet metal.

Crown will be ...dunno what yet. Phlocast, Mizzou? ~2 cu ft. With similar frax over lay and a very artistic metal shell.

base will be Kast-o-lite, IFB and hard brick....

Cast various parts from what I have left....

Need advice on burner heads.

will add more as needed, including pics if they'er allowed

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