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Doug Harroun
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At first I considered electric elements. Being electrically inclined the wiring and power is a non-issue for me. SiC was out of the question. I know a few people using them and the replacement cost of shot elements would run higher than the cost of gas. Moly elements look better, but the _VERY_ high initial investment was the factor that pushed me back towards gas.

Also, unless you live near a wind farm or hydro plant you power is most likely coal/gas/oil based anyways, why deal with a loss in conversion?

Right now I pay about $0.015-$0.02 per kWh for gas. For electricity it's $0.1085 per kWh.

So I'm still pretty sure I'm building a gas furnace.

...unless someone knows a source for moly elements for less than $100 each.
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