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To add fuel to the fire, the way I'm reading the print, something is screwed up. One side of the MDR coil (which is supposed to be fed by 120v) is fed from Line 1 or leg one through the microswitch. The other side of the coil is fed L2 or leg 2 power when the SSR is closed. This is wrong. My guess is that the print should show a connection from the 2/TI lead on the SSR down to the neutral leg. This would then tie in to the rating on the SSR & the Coil rating on the MDR. Still doesn't explain why he's using the SSR to fire the MDR instead of just putting in an SSR that's rated for the 220 load & directly switching the element power with the SSR leaving the MDR to break both legs of the 240V whenever the door is opened.
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