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First of all , I apologize because I didn't realize this thread had started posing questions about my wiring diagram and I hadn't been reading it.

1. The diagram is based on Mark Lauckner's design of a portable controller box. The plug on the left is a dryer cord that plugs into a standard dryer receptacle. That way the controller can be moved to power different units in the shop.

2. The two receptacles on the right side are an either/or situation. The 2-way switch controls which receptacle is powered. The reason for that setup is that I have some units that require 240v and some that require 120v in my shop. So, depending on which unit I'm controlling I simply throw the switch to turn on the appropriate outlet. I use an R-type thermocouple that stays connected to the controller and fits into each of my furnaces and annealers, so I simply move it to the unit I'm going to use. The lid switches have quick-connect plugs so the wires are disconnected at the lid switch and moved as well.

3. As for the distinction between 220/110 or 240/120 - I'm sorry for the confusion - I'll fix it.

4. Dave Hilty is correct that there is an error regarding the coil voltage for the MDR. In the diagram the coil voltage should actually read 240v. I have several different controllers - some with 120v coils and some with 240v coils. That was an oversight when I was printing the PDF file. I'll fix it. For a 120v coil the only change that is needed is to run 2/T1 from the SSR to neutral instead of the L2 power. I'll put a 120v version out there as well. Thanks Dave.

5. It has also been pointed out to me via PM that the diagram doesn't currently show a separate ground wire that can be used as a frame ground for whatever unit is plugged into it. I'll change the diagram to be a 4-wire plug with a separate ground wire for that purpose.

If you have other suggestions or questions I'll be sure to keep reading this thread for a while.

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