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Originally Posted by Drew Fritts View Post
First of all , I apologize because I didn't realize this thread had started posing questions about my wiring diagram and I hadn't been reading it. (SNIP) If you have other suggestions or questions I'll be sure to keep reading this thread for a while.
minor details aside, though..that is a really good diagram. The thread starter is correct that there really isn't a good wiring diagram in either of the two "holy grail" books for this stuff, and your diagram is one of the best out there.

Dave (Trent) attached is what I think you are looking for. Drew's improvements on the basic concept might make the whole thing confusing without something simpler for context.

But, do yourself a favor like I said and just buy Mark's CD. For the specific purposes of wiring a kiln, annealer, or wire melter, his CD is a much better resource than either GNotes/GBCompanion books.

His vids, plus the diagram I attach here should make the whole shebang pretty easy to address. (the diagram comes from Dudley's website, which is also a very good resource for all things electrical, if you can find your way around it. Book, not so much, website, yes)

hope this helps.
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