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Originally Posted by Kenny Pieper View Post
I was shown and use an almost opposite approach to what David has explained. I like for the wash to be really thin on the surface. To this end I soak the shelf first so that when I apply the wash it doesn't dry up right away on the surface. This also allows the wash to soak into the poors of the shelf which in my view is a plus. The wash is a really thin mixture of equal parts silica, alumina hydrate, and E.P.K. clay with water added. Just after applying the wash while it is still wet it hardly looks like anything is on it. After drying it in the garage it is fired in the gloryhole and by this time there is a thin layer of the white wash visible on the surface. I usually give it a light wipe with a rag to dust off any loose particles on the surface before the first use. It will last 6 months to a year with regular use. Before the next application I will grind off the surface of the shelf with the diamond flat grinder.
Now I am not saying this is any better just different.
I love this--it's the perfect example that there's no *one right* way to do so many things in glass.
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