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The cutoffs are "cullet" in the traditional sense, that it is preformed glass that is being essentially recycled; much like the old days of using factory marbles or phillips glass. In those cases you would take it to full charge temp, either by itself or mixed in with batch. It's not the more modern vernacular that would be a partially made virgin glass that was designed to go into its first full melt.

One of the main problems with the original cutoffs and I believe the first version of Studio Nuggets and possible this new stuff, was that it was formulated to be fusing glass first, and then just advertised to glassblowers. This is what was causing much of the off gassing and corrosion troubles that was dealt with in the "new formula" and "premium" nuggets.

Cristalica has some of the same issues despite being designed as a blowing glass, but was shipped much cleaner so you could charge lower. Spruce cullet had major production flaws that led to it's early abandonment. Off the line Bomma looks gorgeous, but we'll see if it can keep pace.
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