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Um, yes subjective. They're prefect apparently for you, but I've had my fair share of problems with the factory german colors. Kugler and zimm were sometimes a shitshow when it came to compatibility, consistency, and stones. While reichenbach has been generically better, they've still had their faults. Between reichenbach and kugler there is little difference in their respective pallets, you can go number by number down the catalog and get basically the same thing 80% of the time. Then there is the fact that out of those "hundreds", I don't need 12 variations on the same light blue.

Gaffer, aside from being out of stock more regularly; has given me very few compatibility, color consistency, or reduction problems. They also have several colors on their pallet that none of the german ones come close to. Not to mention duro. Or the photo ruby. Or the uranium...

I've had little in the way of issue with the majority of base glasses I've used, and I'm not sure how you are quantifying glasma being better than sp87. The generic us glass problem is cullet companies keeping pace with demand, not the availability of quality batch. Cristalica wasn't anything to brag about once system premium was up and running; and now bomma is delivering something cleaner, longer, and less caustic than both of those ever did.

Going outside of blowing, the casting colors from reichenbach are kind of hot garbage compared to what bullseye and gaffer are offering.

It's all relative to what you are trying to make, and there is no such thing as a "perfect" glass.
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