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For me, with the many colors I've made so far, it's been less about trying to make a color that no other manufacturer makes and sells in bar form, and more about just what is possible to do with colored glass that's still in the molten state and doesn't have to be reheated from room temp. We can all, these days, do so much with incorporating bar, frit, and powders into our clear to make a piece, but that is still limiting. I like being able to do things like colored avolios and other hot bits when I'm occasionally making goblets, and more often pulling lots of cane that consists of duro cores (from Gaffer) but that I can case multiple times in my color before pulling. That is a look to the cane and subsequent murrine I do, that is different than what one could do with store bought colors. Getting the fits right has been frustrating over the years, but satisfying when I do end up getting it dialed in eventually. But as stated earlier, even factory made colors (esp. Kugler) are not devoid of some compatibility issues.
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