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Thank you Pete, Peter, and Art. We have not had much interest. No one willing to deal with. The most interest has been from an employee who would perhaps be interested if a local very accomplished glassblower would be willing to join in. That glassblower has been in the game and doesnít want the overhead and stress it can bring. He currently trades time and rents. Our business is approximately 75 percent retail. I havenít pursued wholesale since 2012, but still have some solid accounts. Just not very many. We do buy work for our gallery, all made in USA and Canada. Our little town Benicia, Ca. had five hot shops at one time. All were wholesaling and doing retail. People from all over the Bay Area have been coming to Benicia since the early 1970ís for glass. We do not own the building, and signed a new lease that has an out should we vacate early. I still love making glass after 43 years, but donít want the day to day business dealings. I sure hope the younger generations can find a way to keep what we all love alive.
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