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That looks great Ed! I think you can back off of the copper even more. Those glasses don't take kindly to being gathered. It tends to mix the colors up. Slapping it on the side of a piece is more effective, or taking rope like gathers that are slapped and then drawing them out and annealing them to be picked up later on the sides.

When I wrote the formulas for the Corona glass Josh Simpson was making, I told him he could only do three, perhaps four pieces a day unless he was willing to set up a second pot for the color. The surface of the pot is affected by local reduction but as you get into the melt, that slows way down and the stuff tends to turn either gray or eggnog color. You can draw it up if you chuck tiny balls of wax into the pot and gather quickly. Simpson used a rather large oxy acetylene torch on the pot surface. It all works.
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