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Originally Posted by Bob Meyer View Post
We used the first version of Kugler, the "Kugler Clear", and that worked well for us. Nothing notable, but the Cristalica has been changing - got all sorts that had rust coatings.

More recently, Kugler came out with the "Free" (boron and lead-free), of which we're just finishing the first pallet. It's been my personal favorite so far - a good, long working time, though not runny at the start - much the way David describes the Bomma. Seeds are rare, quite unlike the way Cristalica was getting to be for us.

One difference for us is that we melt at 2050 - just leave it at 2050 all the time. We've just always done it that way and have always gotten desirable results. We've found that we do have to pre-heat the Kugler Free - it pops like firecrackers going into the furnace cold - but pre-heating didn't turn out to be the ordeal we anticipated - no popping whatsoever going in, and great quality glass in the morning.

By the way, Hot Glass Color also discounts the Kugler color if you get your cullet from them. Great deal.
Thanks for the reply, from the earlier responses I was thinking we were odd to melt and work the cullet at 2050.
I guess I need to give Hot Glass a call.
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