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Originally Posted by Greg Vriethoff View Post
Once demand increases the quality could be affected.
And that's the problem in a nutshell. I would imagine that any factory with excess capacity would be really happy to make such stuff if their regular clients were having slow times. It's what happens when things pick up that become the problem. There's a lot more money in finished wares.

Glassblowers have always suffered from telling too many people about good things when they find them. Once upon a time, Keystone cullet was fabulous at .02 lb but it turned to shit as more and more people wanted it.

Cristalica was underperforming when Kuchinke and I first began to talk about it. They had been melting in Romania and moved it to Dobern to a five ton unit. When Spectrum finally ran out of product, demand went through the roof and the furnace was pushed to 7 tons which it can't sustain and you have seen what occurs with the product. The big concern will be the status of the Bomma as demand shoots up. I continue to think that it's essentially nuts to be shipping cullet across the Atlantic. Even at $1.41 lb, there's not much money to be made there. I don't see the product from Oceanside being particularly viable as long as they make what they are making. For an industry that claims it wants to serve it's clients, it's fairly bizarre.

As to seeds, there's lots of reasons seeds can be in glass. Incomplete melts cost less upfront but you pay for it later. Trapped gas is real as well, so is dust. Tiny cracks are really stubborn.
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