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Originally Posted by Tom Fuhrman View Post
Banks rarely loan $ for glass studios just as they wouldn't finance glass factories. Return on investment is not quick enough to lure lenders in today's market. I don't see that many glass blowers paying themselves in 6 figures which in today's world doesn't seem to be that much. I don't see any glass worker's on Shark Tank. Ha Ha

I asked my bank for a business loan a few years back to finance a new furnace... They came back with a quick, hard, no. They told me I needed to show them $100k in yearly sales to qualify for a $10k loan. TF? If I made $100k in sales last year I wouldn't be here looking for a $10k loan!

Turned out to be a blessing though. Eventually word spread around town that I was buying equipment. Ended up piecing together my studio for a fraction of the cost :0)
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