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Book: Scientific Glassblowing by E.L. Wheeler

Sale! NEW Classic Book to be Reprinted: Scientific Glassblowing by E.L. Wheeler

We will be having a pre-publication sale for this new book of ours! We will have books available in February (or March)
List price is $150.00 SALE PRICE $120. and free shipping anywhere in the USA! Contact us if interested. We can process through PayPal.

Scientific Glassblowing by E.L. Wheeler

This book has not been in print for may many years. The book has been sought after by glassblowers, but near impossible to find. The copyright holder has approved our re-publishing of this wonderful book. This is one of the textbooks that is the classic “how-to” reference for students, university chemistry departments, and for established glass artists. Well-illustrated and thorough, it’s a must have for any glassworker’s library. This manual discusses the History of glass, and working characteristics of various types and brands of glass, Glassblowing equipment and tools, basic operations, such as cleaning, cutting, and extensive descriptions of various glass seals, including glass to metal seals, and important “graded” seals. Included are numerous practice lessons, and descriptions. The volume includes grinding and some cold working operations. Glass coating and metal surfacing is discussed. Various Chemical procedures are covered; Purification of Mercury, distillation, high vacuum, etc. Some lathe operations are covered.

478 pages 6” X 9” Hardbound ISBN 978-0-9837038-4-6
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