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Originally Posted by Paul Labrie View Post
Was wondering if anyone had a trick to resetting this controller. I had a power outage and restarted my hot furnace. Seemed to run through the ramp sections OK until it got to the 5th ramp which I had set to hold the working temp 2170. So as soon as it hits this temp it goes directly to the shut down program 6th ramp. I did not change anything so something must have been reset. tried to find a setting that would allow unlimited time once working temp is achieved, but all the manuals have you set a ramp time with a max 99hrs 59min. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
Is this the original PXR3 with 2 x 4 step programs which can be combined into 1 x 8 steps, or a newer one with more steps per program?

I ask because if you are using all 8 steps in one program, then yes - it will go from step 5 to step 6 when the timers say.

There are 3 parameters per program step: set point, ramp time and soak time.

When you say step 6 is shutdown, do you mean you actually shut things down using a ramp and setpoint, or is step 6 just the default values? Because if step 6 has defaults, then it should hold the step 5 setpoint indefinitely.

Default values for the PXR3 are 32, 0.0 and 0.0 (assuming temp in F). If step 6 is not these defaults, then step 6 will run as soon as the ramp time for step 5 is done.

Here's my typical blowing program, which starts with the furnace idling at 1900F:

SU-1 temp1 2100.00
RN1R ramp1 2.00
RN1S soak1 0.10

SU-2 temp2 32.00
RN2R ramp2 0.00
RN2S soak2 0.00

SU-3 temp3 32.00
RN3R ramp3 0.00
RN3S soak3 0.00

SU-4 temp4 32.00
RN4R ramp4 0.00
RN4S soak4 0.00

It's a simple program for sure, but it ramps the furnace from current temp (1900F) to 2100F over 2 hours, then soaks for 10 min. Because step 2 is defaults, it holds 2100F until I manually switch the program off, after which it defaults back to the current manual setpoint, which in my case is 1900F.

My batch cook program is in steps 5-8 but is similar.

I did find that you need a non-zero soak time for things to work as expected, so I just arbitrarily chose 10 min (0.10) and that works.
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