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Re: Re: Re: AP

Originally posted by Pete VanderLaan
One of the main reasons people really liked my black as an example was firstly the density of the color but also the fact that it does not bleed at all and stays absolutely where you put it. . It measures a 96.0 but has a close viscosity match to SP87 and still contains a substantial amount of lead.. It presents no strain in a ring test at all. I find bringing all of the gut features of a glass body to be very contradictory especially when one is trying to match up radically different formulations. I am thinking out loud here and will probably get an earful from someone.
do you think that it is tight because it is so reducing. John Curtis showed me a decorating trick that has a normaly soft lead oxidising color on top of a reducing clear or carbon amber or some sort of heavy reducing glass (Cu ruby). normally you can't make tight designs with, for instance, R144, but on a reducing glass it stays put. I think that is why r95 is so sloppy (heavy oxidising)and your black is tight.
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