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The new area head IS tenured in glass. The current "presidential appointment" is NOT the area head. The politics behind what has happend are shallow.

Temple didn't want to spend money to do a national search for a new Dept. Head. They blew their money on a new building, a new facility and equipment so they slid in a ringer.

The new dept. head was tenured in the Crafts Dept before Jon retired. She was tenured in the Crafts Dept. because that was the only dept. with a tenure vacancy and the school needed a tenure position for the new position of "Head of Foundations". One lawsuit (tenure committee procedures**), 1 semester off for "research", 2 lateral appointments and presto......someone with a graphic design background is running the show.

** records of the lawsuit are public record and can be obtained at the Montgomery County Court House in Norristown, PA or through the court's website.
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