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35.2 lbs overall batch weight. Yes, this is just about the same as Dave's, I just took away some sodium from his to put in some potassium from mine. And yes, STPP is my phosphate source.

What has me pulling my hair out is that after 4 melts of this that FIT, both with and without colorants, the last 2 melts don't fit anymore. I can't afford to lose much more hair with my already receding hair line from male pattern baldness..

All the variables I can think of are the same, I'm so confused, but the last two melts seem to be high in expansion now for some reason. I triple-checked my scale measurements this last time just to be sure. What's the biggest difference I can think of? New pallet of SP batch I'm melting now, but given their good track record on consistency, that's gotta be unlikely that the expansion of their mix lowered any, right?

So if we are looking at sand to move first, what would you think first jump should be on a 35.2 lb. total mix?
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