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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
Did you ever call GAS?
Yes, I just got this reply:

"Our board members have separate policies for their home and their studio. They have a homeowner policy for their home and a separate business policy to cover their studio (and in their case, the garage that functions as their studio). The business policy covers the building and its contents. They also have an umbrella policy for the whole property (extra coverage and excess liability insurance). If your studio isn't a separate building, it may be more complicated

You may want to consider insuring it as a hobby workshop rather than a business. This may go over better…business often means customers, employees, and traffic (fedex, etc). Also, if you can explain your equipment to the insurers, and if this is difficult for people to understand, you can compare them to “appliances” if each of your pieces of equipment has its own outlet plug-in. Unless you are actually planning to establish a full-on business at home, they encourage you to claim it as a “hobby workshop”.

This is the direction I was going in, and just purchased an umbrella policy, but my agent says my homeowners will drop coverage in a similar situation.

Thanks Tom, I'll give Susan a call. Need someone in FL who has tackled this issue.
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