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Originally Posted by David Patchen View Post
But we should get someone who uses the additives to weigh in since it does seem impossible.
Oh, I'm waiting.

I remember when Fritz used to pull people's legs with the recommendation that they add a can of "Seedz be gone", or "Cords Away" to cullet. he had to stop because people kept trying to buy it.

This seems more like Heidi Broderbund's "15 percent rule" for those who have long memories. That was the maximum amount of any glass you could just add to your work with no issues.

The best part of that "magic Mountain on the Austro/Czech border when the lead was harmlessly leached out of the cullet." Great stuff and then she named her cullet company "Czech Glass". Henry thought that was hysterical.

At one early time, we were adding soda ash to plate glass and getting it to where it wouldn't actually break things if you used Kugler with it. .

Credit for this alert goes to Scott Benefield.
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